Viet Pho Branding

I did a brand design for my good friend Nhan Truong’s newest Vietnamese restaurant venture in Deptford, NJ called Viet Pho.

She wanted something clean and fun. I was really excited to work with her on this because I’ve always wanted to design something food-related. To be able to do a whole brand exploration process for this was definitely a dream come true.

Proud parents

My heart is full that I get to treat my parents to free lunches because I designed a menu! It’s definitely a perk I consider priceless.

Logo options:

I really liked the noodle concept but I also really liked what she ended up choosing.

Brand graphic

Having met Nhan’s family, I got to experience the vibrant Vietnamese culture and had a deeper appreciation for it beyond just the food they serve at the restaurant. I remember bonding over the similarities in Filipino and Vietnamese cultures and the many common traditions in south-east Asia. So I wanted to bring in more than just the typical “fresh and healthy” feel to the design of to the brand. I wanted to also incorporate some traditional Vietnamese design to it as well. I took inspiration from the simple daily lives of locals. What do they see? Weaved baskets, beautiful colorful textiles, embroidered floral patterns, etc.

With all of these beautiful images in mind, I created this graphic pattern to support the brand.

Take out menu


Once the menu was finalized, I helped her set up a WordPress based website just to get her started. We wanted to get some SEO started at least. Having the most important information like the address, phone numbers and hours of operations for Google to scrape was important. website

Social Media

Once the website was set up, I set up a Facebook page for her. Nhan anticipated to be the most active on Facebook so we focused on getting that fully flushed. I uploaded a profile photo, a tease cover photo and some photos of food so we can attract people to look forward to our grand opening.

Viet Pho’s Facebook Page

Google Account

I think that by having the Facebook page match the website’s information, it really helped with making it to Google Maps as an official business.

I helped her confirm her business with Google and now she’s officially searchable!

Viet Pho shows up on Google search

Thanks for reading! If you’re close by, make sure you make a stop at Viet Pho.